Thomas E. Daley
1245 S 12th St
Cañon City, CO 81212
Phone (719) 345-8182
Cell (719) 352-5546


A reliable, methodical software engineer with extensive experience developing complex systems. Major strengths include trouble-shooting and debugging in multi-processor environments. Specializes in operating systems, device drivers, C, and C++. A tenacious problem solver with excellent communication skills, who takes the initiative and focuses on results.

Technical Skills

C, C++, Java, Perl, shell script, Tcl/Tk, Pascal, assembly.
Intel x86 PCs, Motorolla 680X0, PowerPC, MIPS, Cray YMP-EL, Honeywell Mainframe, IBM RS6000, Intel 8031/51 microcontrollers, Adaptec 78XX SCSI controller chipsets, NCR/Symbios 8XX SCSI controller chipsets, various custom hardware.
LEX/YACC, Qt GUI library, Versant OODB, Orbix (CORBA), ONC/RPC, Berkley sockets, TCP/IP networking, STL, Makefiles.
Operating Systems
Linux, VxWorks, StackOS, Solaris, UNICOS, CRUX, GCOS, MS-DOS.

Professional Experience

Senior Staff Engineer, Seagate/Xiotech, Colorado Springs, CO 2003 - Present

Firmware design and development for X-IO integrated storage element.

Software Engineer, Pyramid Peak Design, Colorado Springs, CO 2002 - 2003

Contract work for ATI working with ATI Xilleon video processor using embedded MIPS CPU core, running Linux.

Principal Software Engineer, EMC, Colorado Springs, CO 1998 - 2001

Responsible for NFS subsystem maintenance, SCSI disk subsystem maintenance, and device drivers for StackOS operating system.

Senior Software Engineer, VSYS, Colorado Springs, CO 1996 - 1998

Contract work at MCI, coding and testing of call processing software written in JAVA using Orbix Web.

Senior Programmer II, MCI, Colorado Springs, CO 1993 - 1996

System administrator for all SNMS (SS7 Network Monitoring System) development and production RS6000 systems. Application program development for SNMS.


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